The Maple Parlor

Now Open!


3538 SE Hawthorne Blvd,
Portland, OR
(503) 206-4757


Maple Parlor is an inclusive sundae bar located in Portland, Oregon aimed at the health conscious dessert lover. Sourcing high quality local ingredients, Maple Parlor strives to provide the people of Portland with decadent desserts and unique flavor combinations that can be enjoyed by all — regardless of dietary preferences.

While satisfying your sweet tooth, The Maple Parlor also offers a unique and memorable dining experience that allows the customer to choose from a curated sundae menu, instilling complimentary flavors and toppings that have been hand crafted, taste tested and perfected. With The Maple Parlor's self serve style, guests are encouraged to either follow the menu suggestions or use their creativity to craft their own. This sundae bar is sure to attract food lovers and those with dietary restrictions alike, providing options that support many different preferences and needs, including organic dairy, vegan, paleo and low glycemic.

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