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Jiangsu Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd.
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I. Implication of the name Dynamic

"Dynamic" (Dena in Chinese pinyin) - "De" is a lofty state; "Na" is containing, accepting.
Having virtue in heart and putting them into practice: Keep social morality in mind is a kind of internal driving force. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Action is the best expression. We can do better with attention and we shall move forward step by step and walk towards success practically.

"All rivers run into sea, wide heart embraces all; This old saying displays vigorous and endless spirit of pursuit of Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd, demonstrating enterprise's people-oriented cohesion and centripetal force, showing the social responsibility that taking from the society and return back to the society.

Donature, originates from Do nature, namely do nature, greenness and future.
Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd proposes to adopting the theme of nature, advocating green products, healthy life, doing greenness and future. The theme shows environmental concept of taking from Nature and exceeding Nature, which is the expression of social responsibility, and the inevitable road of enterprises' sustainable development. Natural and green things are leading the future.

II. Trademark and logo of Dynamic

This sign is registered trademark used by products of Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd and its subsidiary corporation.
The sign takes meaning of "Tianyin" as inspiration factor, using initial letter of "Tianyin" to make combination change. Circle- first is English letter "C", which is the initial letter of "Chemical", representing industry property of "Tianyin". Second, the circle represents the sun, meaning heaven, conveying that career field of Tianyin is wide and boundless. Together with dotted "T", the closed shape of circle is changed to convey the open state of Tianyin in the development of markets and products that it's not trapped in successful experience, not sticking to convention and having the courage to bring forth new ideas.

Cloud shape- the changed form of letter "Y", meaning "Yin". In the process of form, the smooth and fine lines show the harmonious and charming beauty, which has the complementary relationship with the satiation and power of the circle and "T", showing the humanized management style in the enterprise's concepts.

The whole design combines dynamic and static, hardness and softness, Yin and Yang, showing enterprise's great development targets and earnest professional dedication.

The idea of the LOGO originates from the changed form of D, initial letter of Dynamic Chemical Co., Ltd, representing enterprise's image, which is the concentration of the corporation culture.
Letter D has different size, combining abstraction and concretization, improving visual impression. Lines of D are mild with beautiful curves, full of beauty.

The whole design of the sign takes on the form of square, regular and powerful, expressing that the enterprise is earnest and keeps moving forward. Meanwhile, rich imagination and spatial thinking ability are used altogether to show sense of depth. The sign combines opening and closing appropriately, symbolizing that the enterprise opens up to embrace the world confidently, and it breaks through itself firmly, willing to make change and not sticking to convention.

Semicircle and curves represent the concept of circle. Combination of square and circle shows preciseness and magnificence. The expanded bright color is a breakthrough, adding dynamic sense to the picture. The change from blue to yellow corresponds to the accelerating and improvement track of the enterprise, showing that the enterprise is determined to progress, and innovate constantly and has the target and ambition of expanding new sight.

In selection of color, blue represents calmness and rationality, symbolizing its scientific, rigorous image and reliable quality. Yellow is bright and light, giving people the proud and joyful impression, representing that the enterprise has a delightful development prospect.

The symbol is solemn in style and elegant and bright in color, with the integrity highlighted. And it is the combination of principle and flexibility, giving expression to the group cohesiveness and solidarity of Dynamic International and also implying the mission of the company: making joint efforts to march forward together.

III. Core culture of Dynamic

Honour integrity to create a better future.
"People in the whole world prefer to make friends with honest people". Honesty and trustworthiness are the very foundation of establishing oneself and starting his business in the society and also the cornerstone for the enterprise to survive and develop; Be honest when saying and upright when conducting business and value and keep promises, all of which create present Dynamic. We firmly believe that honesty and trustworthiness will be bound to create a bright future for Dynamic International.

Dedicate to work and enjoy your profession and be responsible.
Only with ambition and diligence, you can gain achievements. Professional dedication and enthusiasm are the foundation of a personhood and also an enterprise. You must not always have fantasies and just prattle about your dreams, instead you should strive to achieve your dream by devoting to your work; Responsibility awareness is the lifeblood of an enterprise, in direct proportion to opportunities. An enterprise that is responsible for the public will gain long-term development and realize the organic unification between enterprise goal and social value.

Innovating while developing
The top leader who wants to dominate must innovate. All the consummate things are the results of innovation, which is the motivation to drive the sustainable development of the enterprise. Dedication to technological innovation, management innovation and service innovation will make us become the first choice of other companies with win-win achieved.

Perform effectively and win in the future.
Efficiency is the soul of good job. High efficiency is the manifestation of consciousness, thought and habit. Take sincere communication and mutual respect and encouragement as the cornerstone. Orient to responsibility and results. Carrying out tasks resolutely and innovatively will win advantages and a promising future for the company.

IV. Corporation vision

Make the company become a powerful chemical company with responsibility and creative power in the world.
With people first and continuous striving as its management idea; With honesty, professional dedication, efficiency and innovation as its group spirit; Unremitting pursuit of inclusiveness; Products and services giving expression to green, environmental protection and future orientation. Dynamic will be bound to be a chemical company that operates successfully in the main market and has international influence.


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